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Sit Stay Read

Sit Stay Read


Sit Stay Read

Facing new obstacles is easier with a good friend by your side. For 52% of Chicago children, reading at grade level is a challenge. Sit Stay Read is a program that brings dogs into classrooms to help at-risk children improve their literacy skills in a supportive environment. Sit Stay Read is asking local dogs owners to volunteer and embark on an adventure. 

Copywriter: Lisa Chau 


Out of Home

These ads will appear in bus shelters near parks where Chicago dog owners will be more likely to walk.



Sit Stay Read will post Instagram photos of dogs dressed as literary characters. 

Carnival cutouts of famous books will be placed in Chicago dog parks with directions to post pictures on Instagram with the hashtag #sitstayread.

Children's Book

This Sit Stay Read children's book will be printed and sold as a fundraising tool.

Promotional Items

Sit Stay Read branded water dishes will be placed near pet stores with volunteer information.